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At Ripple Effects Community Inclusion Center, volunteers play a crucial role in supporting our mission to create an inclusive and nurturing environment for individuals and families facing unique challenges. By offering your time and skills, you can make a significant impact on our community and help us provide essential services and programs.

How Can You Help?

  • Foster Closet Helpers:

    • Sort, organize, and distribute donated items for foster families.

    • Assist with inventory management and client coordination.

  • Event Coordination Volunteers:

    • Help plan and coordinate special events, including family fun nights, arts and crafts sessions, and cooking clubs.

    • Assist with event logistics and volunteer coordination.

  • Respite Care Volunteers:

    • Provide childcare support during respite days and nights, giving parents and caregivers a break.

  • Administrative Volunteers:

    • Assist with office tasks such as data entry, phone calls, and filing.

    • Help with outreach and communication efforts.

  • Fundraising Volunteers:

    • Help plan and execute fundraising events and campaigns.

    • Reach out to potential donors and sponsors.

  • Community Outreach Ambassadors:

    • Promote Ripple Effects' programs and events within the community.

    • Engage with local organizations and businesses to build partnerships.

  • Maintenance and Facility Volunteers:

    • Help maintain the cleanliness and functionality of our facility.

    • Assist with minor repairs and improvements.

  • Recreational and Social Skills Buddies:

    • Buddy up with participants during loosely structured activities.

    • Encourage social interaction and engagement through fun and supportive activities.


Join us in making a difference in our community. Your time and skills are invaluable to us. Thank you for your support!

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