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Photo Release Policy

Last Updated: 1/1/2024

  1. Purpose:

    • This policy is intended to outline the use of photographs, videos, and other digital media (hereafter referred to as 'media') taken at Ripple Effects Community Inclusion Center.

  2. Consent and Release:

    • By participating in activities at Ripple Effects Community Inclusion Center, individuals (or their guardians) may be asked to sign a Photo Release Form. This form grants the Center permission to capture, use, publish, and share media featuring their likeness for purposes including, but not limited to, promotional materials, social media posts, and other communications related to the Center's operations and activities.

  3. Use of Media:

    • Media captured may be used in brochures, posters, newsletters, social media, website content, and other promotional or informational materials.

    • Ripple Effects Community Inclusion Center will not sell media to third parties or use them for profit-making purposes without additional specific consent.

  4. Right to Decline:

    • Individuals have the right to decline being photographed or recorded. If an individual does not wish to be photographed or recorded, they must inform the staff or the photographer/videographer at the time.

    • If a photo release form has not been signed, the Center will make reasonable efforts to avoid using or publishing media featuring that individual.

  5. Revoking Consent:

    • Consent for the use of media can be revoked at any time. A written request must be submitted to the Center’s administration for the withdrawal of any existing media from our publications. However, it may not be possible to recall printed materials or published digital content.

  6. Protection of Privacy:

    • Ripple Effects Community Inclusion Center respects the privacy of all individuals. Identifiable images or videos will not be used in a way that could be considered harmful, misleading, defamatory, or invasive of personal privacy.

  7. Contact Information:

    • For any questions, concerns, or consent withdrawals regarding this policy, please contact Ripple Effects Community Inclusion Center at 2255 W Centre Ave. Portage, MI 49024.

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