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ABA Therapy


  • Enhanced Learning Opportunities: To offer multiple avenues for children to learn, ensuring they receive a rich and diverse learning experience.

  • Readiness for Kindergarten: Equip children with the necessary skills to seamlessly transition to kindergarten, aligning with their peers.

  • Individual Goal Achievement: Personalized attention to ensure each child meets their unique developmental milestones.

  • Incorporate Fun in Learning: Ensure that every learning activity is enjoyable, fostering a positive attitude towards education.

  • Holistic Development: Beyond academic achievements, ensure the child's social, emotional, and cognitive growth.

Autism Learning Center

Payment Options:

  • Insurance 

  • Out of Pocket


Provided by our sister company Ripple Effects Autism Learning Center.

Teaching kids requires their motivation to learn and we specialize in having fun! We double or triple the learning opportunities that each child receives compared to what they might get if they were at home, with a babysitter or at preschool. This allows kids the opportunity to overcome their deficits and potentially catch-up to their typical peers before they transition to kindergarten. We play with toys, play group games, practice school routines, do arts and crafts, play on the playground and eat meals and snacks together, all while repetitively practicing and helping each child meet their individual goals. They have so much fun and don't even realize how hard they are working to learn new skills!

Sessions Available

  • Day & Evening

  • Individual & Group

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