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Waves Sensory Hair Salon


Waves Sensory Hair Salon
  • Personalized Approach: To ensure that every patron receives a tailored haircut experience, respecting their individual preferences and comfort levels.

  • Promote Inclusivity: To be a leading example of how salons can cater to diverse needs, ensuring that everyone, regardless of their sensory sensitivities, feels welcome and understood.

  • Quality Haircuts: To consistently deliver stylish and fashionable haircuts that align with each patron's desired look.

  • Continuous Training: To ensure our staff remains updated on best practices for catering to various sensory needs, ensuring a top-tier experience for all.

  • Expand Awareness: To raise community awareness about the importance of sensory-friendly services and inspire more businesses to adopt inclusive practices.

Waves Sensory Hair Salon


At Waves Sensory Hair Salon, we believe everyone deserves a relaxed and enjoyable haircut experience. Our salon is designed with inclusivity at its core, catering to the unique needs and preferences of each patron. Whether you have a preference for clippers over scissors, need a private setting, or just want an attentive stylist who listens to your needs, we've got you covered. Our patient professionals work one-on-one with each client, ensuring a comfortable environment while delivering a fashionable haircut. Come experience the difference of a salon that genuinely understands and celebrates individual needs.

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