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Member Advisory Committee


  • Ensure Member Representation: Advocate for the inclusion of member perspectives in decision-making processes and program developments.

  • Feedback and Suggestions: Collect and analyze member feedback to improve services and introduce new programs that meet their evolving needs.

  • Community Engagement: Strengthen the connection between Ripple Effects and the broader community by identifying partnership opportunities and outreach initiatives.

  • Policy and Program Advocacy: Advise on policies and programs to ensure they are equitable, inclusive, and effectively address the needs of all members.

  • Awareness and Education: Promote awareness about the center's resources and educational opportunities to both members and the wider community.

Community Inclusion Center


The Member Advisory Committee at Ripple Effects Community Inclusion Center is a vital link between our members and the administrative team, dedicated to uplifting the voices of those we serve. This committee, comprised of a diverse group of members from our community, plays a crucial role in shaping the future direction of our programs and services. By providing a platform for feedback, suggestions, and active participation, the committee ensures that our center remains responsive and aligned with the needs and aspirations of our members. Through their commitment, the Member Advisory Committee fosters a more inclusive, empowering, and member-focused environment at Ripple Effects.

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