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Day Camps


  • Inclusive Experience: Provide a camp environment where every child, regardless of their learning or developmental differences, feels included and celebrated.

  • Skill Development: Through diverse activities, enhance campers' social, cognitive, and physical skills.

  • Foster Friendships: Create opportunities for campers to form lasting bonds and learn the values of teamwork and mutual respect.

  • Safe Exploration: Ensure a secure environment where campers can freely explore, learn, and express themselves.

  • Professional Guidance: Deliver a high-quality camp experience under the supervision and guidance of trained professionals skilled in inclusive education.

Community Inclusion Center


Step into a world of boundless possibilities with Ripple Effects' Summer Day Camps. Our camps are meticulously designed to cater to children with developmental and learning differences, ensuring they experience the joys of summer just like their peers. Here, every camper is celebrated for their unique strengths and abilities. From diving into arts and crafts to the exhilaration of outdoor games and nature exploration, our activities are crafted to boost social skills, foster creativity, and build self-confidence. Our dedicated team, well-versed in inclusive education, curates each day to be a mosaic of joyous memories, all set within a framework of safety and understanding. Join us for a summer of growth, friendships, and fun!


Camps take place throughout the year, visit our events page to see the next one!

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